With over 90 years experience and great passion, What we can tell you definitively is that we just love Interesting Cool Cars. We like buying, selling, trading and just talking about them. If we had a mission statement it would be “Let’s make this Fun Fruitful and Efficient”. An example of this is our buying process….

The intimacy of our approach is remarkable as well. We don’t have car buyers or sales guys – as the owners we are directly involved in every car we buy restore and sell – we want to speak with you directly about your plans to sell or buy interesting cars – we are proudly with you in every step of the process and we’re always accessible – this limits our ability to scale up and get bigger but wouldn’t consider that pathway – we like it simple direct and personal – you will too

We come to your house with a trailer and money, learn about your car, make you a great offer, pet your dog, and take it away. Its super quick and easy! We look forward to speaking with you in the near future

Phil, Jeremy, Courtney

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