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At Car Finders we do things differently & that’s great news for you!  Read our below selections & let us know what works for you!

  I want to sell my car for all the money and have you guys do all the work

  • We are specialist in preparing vehicles to represent on premium online auctions.  We take great pictures & videos, do the editing, vehicle write up, submit your vehicle to auction, manage the auction process, collect payment from seller and coordinate shipping.  You sit back and enjoy the process.  We take a variable % fee only when your car sells!

I want my car sold now

  • We buy your car at a price that’s safe for us, and attractive to you.  We come with a trailer & money to pay you, and take your car away!

I want to buy one of your cool cars

  • We typically sell our cars on one of the premium online auction sites, however there is a 2-3 week window after we have prepared a car for auction before the auction is live.  As a buyer, this is an excellent opportunity to buy one of our cars for less than it will auction for & in a non competitive setting.  If you provide us with your email we will notify you weekly about cars we have prepared that you can buy before they hit the auction.

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