A Brief Bugatti History

The history of Bugatti cars dates back to the late 19th century, when Italian-born Ettore Bugatti moved to France and established an automobile manufacturing company. The company, originally called Auto-Bugatti, quickly gained fame for its innovative designs and luxurious vehicles. Bugatti’s first production car, the Type 10, was introduced in 1909 and featured a four-cylinder engine and a body inspired by the aerodynamic designs of Louis de Monge. The Type 10 was followed by the Type 13, which featured a more powerful six-cylinder engine and a lower, more aerodynamic silhouette. The company’s most iconic model, the Type 35, was introduced in 1924 and featured a lightweight aluminum frame, a powerful eight-cylinder engine, and a streamlined body. The Type 35 was hugely successful, winning over 1,000 races and becoming one of the most successful racing cars of all time. Bugatti’s fortunes declined in the 1930s, as the company struggled to keep up with advances in automotive technology. The company was bought by the firm Hispano-Suiza in the 1940s, but the Bugatti name was kept alive until the 1950s, when the company closed its doors for good. Bugatti cars remain highly sought-after collector’s items, and the company’s legacy continues to live on in the modern automotive industry. In 1998, the Volkswagen Group purchased the Bugatti name and introduced the Veyron, a high-performance supercar powered by a 12-cylinder engine. The Veyron was followed by the Chiron, which debuted in 2016 and is the world’s most powerful production carWe hope you found our blog helpful. 

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