At CarFinders we are experts at representing cars and trucks on premium auction sites.  We consistently gain more watchers, bidders, and higher final prices.  Now we can help you sell your car with a level of certainty, expertise, and visual excitement it would be difficult to achieve on your own.  The result is that you get all the money for your car while you sit back and enjoy the process.

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Here's How it Works!
It's a 9 Lap Race!

Lap#1. We meet with you via phone or zoom to learn about your vehicle and your goals relative to value and timing to develop a plan of action that maps to your needs.

Lap#2. We use our state of the art photography equipment to take over 200 photos of your car.  This includes detailed shots of the exterior, interior, and underneath, coupled with the visually pleasing pics that get buyers excited!

Lap#3. With our state of the art equipment, we shoot multiple videos of your car. Specifically, a POV spirited drive, a walk around, trailing and following footage, drive by videos, and drone videos when possible.

Lap#4. Next we edit and select videos and pictures to ensure our imagery is clear, concise, and complete.

Lap#5. Then we determine which premium auction site to submit to and complete the forms and paperwork to gain approval.  You participate in this process as auctions have varying timelines and outcomes as well as specific marquee expertise.

Lap#6.  It usually takes between two to four weeks for your auction to go live.  During the pre-pending listing period we post the imagery and content relative to your pending auction on the most viewed marketing platforms to build interest and anticipation for your upcoming auction.

Lap#7. Once the auction begins, so do the questions, comments and requests for more data or pictures.  We manage this fast-paced process with timely professional responses and quick delivery of pics or data. 

Lap#8. Once the auction ends, we contact the buyer and coordinate payment and paperwork so that you get paid in 24-72 hours safely and without drama.

Lap#9. You’re in the Winners Circle!  What a fun race, time to collect your winnings.

Examples of our Auction Presentation

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