Streamline Process!

I sold my 1967 Corvette to Car Finders a few months ago, and just wanted to say thank you for the smooth process in letting my treasured Vette go. My wife and I had an unexpected expense hit us out of the blue, creating a lot of stress and uncertainty as to where we were going to get the money to cover it. I didn’t want to but knew my corvette could save us from this situation….. Jeremy and Phil took us step by step through the process, giving us multiple options for the sale throughout the process. As we came to an agreement that worked best for us, the guys at Car Finders were extremely fast with payment (same day) and respectful to the fact that this was an emotionally hard decision to part with my loved car. In the future when the time is right Car Finders will be my first choice when looking to replace my corvette…..Thanks Again!

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